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Point Cook Service Centre

We take customer satisfaction seriously and all of our staff are courteous, helpful and receptive to the needs of the customer.

At the end of your repairs we ask you to complete online a satisfaction questionnaire to enable us to improve on any aspects of the business.

We have built up a reputation to be proud of and we would like the opportunity to grow further.

If service and quality and peace of mind matter to you, then you can count on us for all your car repair and maintenance needs.

We want to make you a customer for life and we want you to tell your friends and family that there is only one place that they need to take their car to: Point Cook Service Centre.

Our Promise

How did you feel the last time you had your car serviced or repaired? Were you sure all that was done was really necessary? Or maybe you left wondering what it was exactly that you paid for?

Did you want to tell your friends and family how great the service was or did you want to compare the all too common "taken advantage of" stories? If you didn't leave confident in the quality of work, with complete understanding of all the services completed and paid for, and if you didn't receive a thank you, sadly you’re not alone.

We know what some of you think that repair centres are a licence to make money, a law unto themselves, with not so much as an oily handshake in return for your money and to be fair some of them are like that.

We’re not. Let me say that again. We are not. Your car is our car.

Please call us today on (03) 9360 0855 if you would like to know more.

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